Waiting outside Manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2014

About Us

Established over a decade ago by a university professor, Cathy Locke, who partnered with Alina Turetskaya, CEO of a premier travel company in Moscow.  Together they aim to make every moment of your time in Russia a rewarding experience. Every detail of your trip will be carefully selected—from excursions, sights, restaurants to modes of transportation. Our team of guides include master level graduates from Russia's finest universities. Our tours are made up of small intimate groups allowing you to explore at your own pace and learn about the things that interest you.

Standing in front of amazing paintings that I’d never seen before, with such high quality and unique use of color, made a profound shift in inside of me. I think it is an invaluable experience to go to Russia and I wanted to create a relaxing and safe way for people to learn about the art and culture there.
                        – Cathy Locke, founder of Russian Art Tour




Our Founder – Cathy Locke


After completing her M.F.A. in 2007 at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Cathy Locke went to Russia in search of furthering her education. Since graduation she has dedicated over a decade of her life to lecturing and studying Russian and European art. In the process she has created the crème de la crème Art Lovers' Tour, exploring Russia and its culture. Cathy splits her time between teaching for the graduate department at the Academy of Art University, painting and writing.  She has received nearly fifty major awards for her artwork, been featured in six museum shows and her work is collected throughout the Western world. She has been published by numerous publishers including: Palgrave Macmillan, the Military History Quarterly and American Arts Quarterly. Cathy is currently writing a book on Russian art! 

Cathy shares her articles and the beautiful artwork she has found with the public at Musings-on-Art.org.

Cathy's Artwork
To learn more about Cathy and to see her artwork visit:  www.cathylocke.com


Russian Art Tour is a licensed tour operator, with offices in San Francisco and Moscow.

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