Art Lovers' Tour – Let's Go!

Congratulations on starting the process for a trip of a lifetime!  Whether you are ready to sign-up or just want to know more, to start we need to collect the following information. Going to Russia is not like traveling to Europe, it's a bit more complex, we are here to walk you through the process.

1st – You will need to obtain a visa. The process involves sending your passport to the Russian visa processing center for a period of time, from two weeks to two months. Be prepared to not have access to your passport during this time.

2nd – In order to get a visa you will need health insurance that covers you should something happen while in Russia. Please check your current coverage, if you need addition coverage please let us know.

3rd – Russia is not handicap friendly. If you are not able to walk unassisted this tour is not for you. Please contact us regarding a private tour customized to your needs.


Sign-up deadlines are 90 days prior to tour start dates:

May Tour –  February 8
July Tour  –  April 5
September Tour  –  June 12

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