Art Lovers' Tour
A robust once-in-a-lifetime program of the art and culture, 

  • A unique intimate experience that you will not get with a large travel company.

  • Slowly walk through amazing museums, enjoying lectures on the cultural, political and historical significance of the work.

  • Relax at trendy restaurants with delightful food and ambience.

Small Group: 4-12
Length:  11 Days
Meals:  Breakfast & Lunch

2019 Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrive in St. Petersburg
Transportation from Pulkovo Airport (LED) to hotel in a private car

Day 2:  Hermitage Museum – Winter Palace
Lectures:  Art Collection & Gala Rooms

Day 3:  Russian Museum
Lectures:  Russian art of 18-20th centuries

Day 4:  Faberge & Palaces
Faberge Museum, Catherine’s Summer Palace
& Peterhof Gardens

Day 5:  Hermitage Museum – General Staff Building
– Lecture:  20th century collection

Day 6:  Travel to Moscow
High Speed Saptrain
Group Dinner

Day 7:  Tretyakov Gallery
Tour Metro:  Revolutionary Tunnel
Tour Tretyakov Gallery’s main building
Lectures:  Russian art of 18-20th centuries
Tour Marfo-Mariinsky Convent

Day 8:  Kremlin Territories
Tour Red Square, St. Basils, GUM,
Kremlin territory, Diamond Fund and

Day 9:  Cathedral,Pushkin Museum,
Artist/Gallery Visit, Bolshoi

Cathedral of Christ the Savior
Pushkin Museum European Building  
Artist studio or gallery visit
Group Dinner
Bolshoi Theater

Day 10:  Institute of Russian Realist Art
Docent Tour at IRRA
Lunch at Café Chekov

Day 11:  Depart from Moscow
Transfer from hotel to a Moscow airport in a private car

Tretyakov Gallery

The Tretyakov Gallery contains one of the greatest collection of Russian art in the world.  Russian art movements we will see and discuss include:  sentimentalism, romanticism, critical realism, Wanderers, realism, lyrical landscape, Russian Impressionism, World of Art (Mir Iskusstva), Russian Symbolism, and pronto avant-garde.


  • Tour Revolutionary Subway Tunnel
  • Tretyakov Gallery
  • Marfo-Mariinsky Convent

Day 3  |  Kremlin Territories

Sign up early – Space is limited!

A visit to Moscow is not complete without seeing the Kremlin Territories. Inside the Kremlin are the Russian government buildings as well as the former czar’s palace and cathedrals. You will also see the Armory Museum, a treasure-house of gifts of gold and silverware by Russian, European and Eastern masters. We will visit the Diamond Fund, on display is the world-famous Orlov diamond, bought by Count Grigory Orlov who presented it to Catherine the Great.


  • Kremlin Territories
  • Red Square
  • St. Basil's Cathedral
  • Opportunity to attend the Bolshoi Theater

Day 4 | Institute of Russian Realist Art

A rather modest museum that contains one of the best collections of the Russian realist school of painting of the twentieth century. The museum is known as the Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA) contains approximately five-hundred works of Russian and Soviet art.


  • Morning Free Time
  • Institute of Russian Realist Art


Day 5    Cathedral, Pushkin Museum, New Tretyakov Gallery


  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior
  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts European Building
  • New Tretyakov Gallery

Pushkin Museum of Fine Art
We will tour the European building, where you will see the world-famous collection includes major works by Impressionist and Post-Impressionist.

The New Tretyakov Gallery
The New Tretyakov Gallery houses the only permanent exhibition of twentieth century Russian art in Russia. It displays works by Russian avant-garde masters from the 1900s-1920s, Socialist Realism, Severe Style and the "second wave" of Russian avant-garde.



Day 7  |  Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage Museum first opened to the public in 1852. The initial collection was owned by Catherine the Great, who defined the trends in collecting and set high standards that have been impossible to ignore ever since. We will spend the majority of the day discussing artwork in the Winter Palace, which includes these art movements:  Renaissance, mannerism, baroque and gothic.


  • Hermitage Museum's Winter Palace

Day 8  |  Hermitage Museum


In 2014 the Hermitage Museum opened a new wing in the General Staff Building directly across from the Winter Palace. This new wing consists of eight-hundred rooms all dedicated to the art from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries. In this building includes Russia's huge collection of impressionist and post-impressionist work; as well as exemplary examples of neo-classical, romanticism, Barizon School and an extensive collection of German art.


  • Hermitage Museum – General Staff Building

Day 9   |  Sites and the Russian Museum Tour


  • Kazan Cathedral
  • Church on the Spilled Blood tour
  • Russian Museum

The State Russian Museum is the largest museum of Russian art in the world, housing works by the crème de la crème of master works by Russian artists, ranging from historic to contemporary times.


Day 10  |  Repin Academy, Faberge Museum and Mariinsky Theater


  • Repin Institute Museum
  • Faberge Museum
  • Opportunity to attend Mariinsky Theater

Repin Institute
Established in 1789 by Catherine the Great, the Repin Institute of Arts contains a small museum of graduate paintings by many of its well-known graduates.


Day 11  |  Catherine's Summer Palace and Peterhof Garden Tour

  • Catherine’s Summer Palace Tour
  • Peterhof Park tour


Day 12   |  City Tour, Hermitage Museum, Cathedrals

  • Hermitage Museum
    – Russian Guide gives a tour of the gala rooms and private quarters
  • City Sight Seeing Tour by boat
  • Tour of St. Isaac’s Cathedral


Day 13  |  Return Home   

Transportation from hotel to St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport (LED) in a private car.

Tour Package

• Three star hotel includes VAT: 
         Five nights in Moscow
         Seven nights in St. Petersburg
• Breakfast and lunch
• Transfers to and from the airport in a private car
• Train transportation from Moscow to St. Petersburg
• Entry into all museums and sights
• Lectures as outlined in the itinerary
• Russian tourist visa support letter
• All transportation during the tour per itinerary
• English/Russian speaking guide per itinerary
• Ticket to the theaters must be purchased separately


Tour Pricing

October 17-28


These tours are run by our Moscow office

Early Bird Sign-Up by May 30

Fee:  $5,250.00 USD
Single Supplement:  $1,100.00 USD

Late Bird Sign-Up by August 15

Fee:  $5,550.00 USD
Single Supplement:  $1,250.00 USD

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Small Group Tour

This tour is a small group tour, made up of four to twelve people. This will give you the opportunity to spend more time on the things you want to see and discuss. A rare opportunity to spend your days with a university expert allowing you to ask questions and have meaningful conversations.